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We provide the best home inspections in Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, and Rowan counties of North Carolina. We are the area's premier home inspectors, and proud that we help home buyers and sellers just like you. Our home inspections are extremely thorough. We inspect hundreds of items in your home, including the structure, roof, attics, basements, crawlspaces, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, decks, porches and much more.

With over 10 years in the industry, let us look over your property before you sign the papers! Give us a call, or schedule an inspection today to make sure your dream home isn't just a dream!

Steven Davis, Owner

Owner & Lead Inspector

Steven Davis is the owner and lead inspector. Steven and his wife have two teenage sons, and they love living in the Clemmons area. Steven was raised in this area, and they know the homes of this community better than any big corporation ever could - We are not a franchise business from another state. We are a locally owned business, here among our friends and neighbors.

With having over ten years experience in the industry, having owned multiple homes in this area, and also having completed multiple extensive home remodels over the years, we have the experience required to complete detailed and accurate home inspections. If you want a highly qualified home inspector that will always look out for your best interest, contact us now!

We Are Your Triad Area North Carolina Inspection Professionals


As a professional home inspection company serving Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, and Rowan counties of North Carolina, Ideal Inspections, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality inspection services available. Buying a home is a major investment and we take pride in helping clients with one of the most important decisions they’ll ever make.

We want our clients to be well equipped to negotiate issues, make repairs, and to maintain and enjoy their new home. That is why we provide clear, easy to read home inspection reports that make all those points a breeze. With clear pictures and descriptions, our reports are second-to-none in the home inspection industry.

We are not a franchise business from another state. We are a locally owned business, here among our friends and neighbors.

We Use Spectora ICA Certified Home Inspector

What's included in a Home Inspection?


Garages, driveways, walkways, grading and drainage, roof, chimneys, decks, patios, porches, vents, gutters, and more.



Basement, crawlspaces, foundation, framing, slab, attics, insulation, bearing walls, doors, windows, outlets, faucets, stairs, handrails and all living spaces.


Heating, cooling, ductwork, fans, filters, electrical panel, branch wiring, service entry, plumbing supply lines, waste lines, water heater and more.

Additional Home Inspection Services

Radon Testing

Professional 48-hour radon gas testing.

Mold Testing

Keep your home healthy with professional mold testing.

Air Quality Testing

Protect the air you breathe with our professional testing.

Water quality testing

Water is life - so keep your water clean and safe.

New Construction

Be sure your newly built home is "up to snuff!"

Seller Inspections

Sell your home faster and with less issues.

What We Provide

IMAGES: We provide High-Quality Images throughout our inspection and integrate them into the final report.

EASY TO READ REPORT: Our finalized report is easy to understand and broken down by sections so it's easier to review our findings.

SPEED: We provide super fast turn-around on report processing.

DETAILS: We look for all problematic items, safety issues, maintenance concerns, and anything else that may arise.

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